Sunday, May 1, 2011

Photos...BEFORE Digital!

Hey Scrappers! So today I decided to go digging for some treasure! I was looking for pictures in my parents crawl space from when I was little. I've looked for them many times before and never found such photographic evidence that my brothers and I ever existed but this time I was determined. After a little digging I hit jackpot. I found two big storage tubs full of pictures. Now this is before digital photography when you didn't have a whole lot of options for taking pictures and when you ordered prints you ALWAYS got at least doubles if not triples! After two hours or so of just sifting through everything, I feel very overwhelmed but kind of in a bad and good way. A bad way because I feel like there is soo much stored in those tubs and in a good way because my mind is just racing with ideas of what to do with all these pictures! So the plan is, to pick out some pictures for the projects I'm currently working on and then when the photo organizers at Hobby Lobby go on sale I'm going to sort through and try to organize them. I think that would be a nice thing to do for my parents before I leave. I also want to try to scan a bunch of them onto my computer so that when I start working on things this summer, I will have access to the pictures without bugging my parents or giving them a tip off to any secret projects! So that's what I'll be working on for awhile! It needs to be done and I'm happy to do it!
So until later, SB

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  1. So you may be thinking, what does this have to do with goals? I have two blogs and posted this on the wrong one. Oops!