Saturday, February 5, 2011

The List

Well here it list of 101 goals to accomplish in 1001 days. I have to say compiling this list was a little difficult. Since this is my first time participating in the 101 goal Challenge so I wanted to make sure that the goals on my list were attainable. Reviewing my list I really think most of them are. Well by now you must be thinking, enough chatter what are your goals? Okay okay, here they are!

101 Goals 1001 Days

1. 100 Layouts (1/100)

2. Finish 1 unfinished project a month (1/32)

3. Create 50 of my 100 layouts using a sketch (0/50)

4. Post 52 videos on YouTube/ Blog (0/52)

5. Make 150 cards (1/150)

6. Wedding album for Mom and Dad

7. Create Zach’s senior album

8. Create 3 projects from every book/magazine I own (1/?)

9. Take 1 picture a day for a year (0/365)

10. Plant a window box herb garden

11. Plant a tree on Earth Day

12. Write a will

13. Write a love letter to Josh

14. Make a list of 50 things that makes me happy (0/50)

15. Write a fan letter

16. Read 10 chapter books (0/10)

17. Try 100 new recipes (0/100)

18. Go berry picking

19. Bake a pie with fresh picked berries

20. Read 5 books about 5 different countries (0/5)

21. Memorize a poem by heart

22. Sleep under the stars

23. Learn how to change the oil in my car

24. Donate blood

25. Lear how to tie a fishing knot

26. Make a macaroni picture

27. Go mini golfing

28. Run a charity drive

29. Go to a drive in movie theater

30. Go horseback riding

31. Weight goal 125

32. Build a birdhouse

33. Sew a quilt

34. Date night with Josh twice a month (1/64)

35. Breakfast at sunrise

36. Couple’s photo once a month (0/32)

37. Family portrait once every 6 months (0/5)

38. Use re-useable shopping bags

39. Watch a sunset and sunrise in the same day

40. Blog 2 times a week (4/290)

41. Blog contest once every 2 months (0/16)

42. Complete a puzzle

43. Go camping

44. Run a 5k

45. Create a photography portfolio

46. Get a layout published

47. Write a letter to everyone in my family

48. Take a photography class

49. Go to spa with Josh

50. Get my hair professionally colored

51. Take a pottery class

52. Order business cards with blog info

53. 100 blog followers (23/100)

54. Create an up to date address book

55. Make wedding minis for Bridesmaids

56. Camping trip to the Badlands

57. Camping trip with brothers

58. Take dance lessons

59. Keep picture off of my camera and computer

60. Fly fish in Montana

61. Learn how to tie flies

62. Go on a cruise

63. Read my bible from cover to cover

64. Use my Cricut once a week (0/143)

65. Bake homemade bread

66. Bake Josh a birthday cake

67. Throw Bella a birthday party

68. Breakfast in bed once a month (0/32)

69. Supper at the table 2 times a week (0/290)

70. Watch the Starwars movies in one day

71. Go to the Reptile Gardens, SD

72. Swimming at the wave pool

73. See a play

74. Read 10 biographies (0/10)

75. Decorate scraproom

76. Get a manicure

77. Get a pedicure

78. Donate to a charity once a month (0/32)

79. Go golfing

80. Create a family history album

81. Family portrait with Mom, Dad, Matt, Zach

82. Learn to play guitar

83. Create a gratitude journal (Done 2-6-11)

84. Write in my gratitude journal once a week (2/143)

85. Go to church four times a month

86. Album for Michael

87. Take a painting class

88. Send birthday cards to all my family members (0/10)

89. Go a week without checking Facebook

90. Josh’s fishing album

91. Make an eye appointment and go

92. Make a doctor appointment and go

93. Kiss in the rain

94. Go on a picnic

95. Journal for 60 days straight (0/60)

96. Go seven days without TV (0/7)

97. Knit a pair of mittens

98. Cross-stitch pattern

99. Knit a blanket

100. This one’s a surprise J

101. Prepare for the surprise! :)

Well, there they are. My official start date is Sunday February 6th, 2011 and my deadline will be November 2nd, 2013. I am hoping to update my progress at least once a week so I hope you will join me on this journey and let's see how far I make it! SB

p.s. You can find more information on the 101 project by going here. My mother-in-law has decided to take part in the 101 project and you can see here blog post here and her new website devoted to her goals here.

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  1. Im so glad you decided to do this to. Good luck. I am following your blog